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    Flooring Retailer in New Jersey

    Flooring Retailer Revitalizes Business with Online Marketing Strategies

    Client: A flooring retailer with storefronts in New Jersey, and Pennsylvania that has been in business for 30 years.


    Problem: The flooring retailer faced a significant downturn in business following the recession from 2008-2012, which led them to the brink of closing some of their locations. In addition, the client wanted to expand their commercial installation work and begin selling products online for local pickup.


    Proposed Solutions: The proposed solutions were a website redesign, local SEO campaigns for both locations, paid search campaigns that focused on retail foot traffic and commercial estimate requests, and a Google Shopping campaign to sell their online inventory. Additionally, social media marketing campaigns were recommended to promote their products and installations, with targeted audiences for remarketing to previous customers.

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      Recommendations: The recommendations included creating an easy-to-use website that is optimized for targeted buyer personas for both commercial and homeowner clients. A hub-and-spoke content marketing strategy was suggested, with geo-targeted content for both B2C homeowners and B2B commercial clients. Customized paid search campaigns were created with a smart bidding strategy that targeted specific flooring types and services, with targeted keyword matching and remarketing. Social media marketing focused on high-income households through heavy Facebook and Instagram advertising, highlighting the latest flooring trends, installations, and recommended products.


      Results: The online marketing strategies proved successful, with a significant increase in website traffic by over 500%. The number of installations increased by 125%, and organic keyword rankings rose from 1st-page rankings in just their immediate local areas to top placements on an enterprise level for their products, as well as throughout South Jersey, Central Jersey, and Central Bucks County on the 1st page for their installation services, flooring store, and other product-specific searches that are geo-targeted.

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